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Collaborate Pilot at HNU -- Guide: About the Pilot

A guide to the Fall, 2011 pilot of Collaborate web-conferencing software from Blackboard.

HNU Use Cases

Collaborate Goals

About the Collaborate Pilot

The Collaborate pilot (August, 2011 - June 2012).

Holy Names University piloted an evaluation of Collaborate, Blackboard's interactive, recordable, web-based online learning product. The pilot is being facilitated by the Cushing Library.

During the pilot period, faculty, staff, and students evaluated Collaborate for its congruence with university goals, its compatibility with HNU's operating environment, and its requirements for instructional design and IT support.

Note: until August, 2011, Collaborate was called Elluminate.

Use Case Participants

Participants in the Collaborate pilot:

Type of Use Tester Period
Math Tutoring Ian Sammis September - December
Pre-Recorded Lectures Eileen Pippens October
Student Presentation Dominique Nettles-Wilkins October
Student Presentations (Pre-recorded) Carina Ljungwald  November
Ed. Department Use Cases Kimberley Mayfield, Zaida McCall-Perez, Thea Maestre, Marion Marshall November
Online Student Presentation Rajni Taunk October

Collaborate Project Goals

 1. Evaluate congruence of Collaborate with current and future HNU student learning objectives and with other university objectives, such as recruitment and retention

2. Increase awareness of online learning tools

3. Assess campus readiness for incorporating Collaborate in pedagogy

4. Identify “next steps” for Collaborate at HNU