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E-Resource Helpful Tips

Many of HNU's databases do not allow the uploading of file copies of e-resource materials by faculty (or other patrons) into Canvas courses/modules. The easiest option for instructors to provide access to e-resouces for their students, is by linking to the electronic resources' permalink (URL) from the Cushing Library, rather than downloading a copy of the item to later upload into Canvas.

Helpful Information for Acquiring Electronic Resources for your course:

Sorry, no results foundIf HNU does not have an electronic copy of the e-resouces (article/eBook/media) needed for a course, let us know. We can look into possible vendors to purchase the appropriate materials, if licensing/copyright allow. Additionally, we can request copies from our many national and international lending partners through inter-library loan.


Harvard business review Harvard Business Review articles are prohibited from being linked into Canvas. Students may be given instructions to your selected article titles in HBR via Business Source Complete, but the articles may not be linked from your course within Canvas.


Instructions below address the most common types of resources used from within the database holdings at HNU.

Journal Articles in Proquest or EBSCO

Journal article graphicTwo of the Cushing Library's primary journal database providers are hosted on the EBSCO and ProQuest platforms. Linking journal articles from these providers is done utilizing the permalinks available within each article, granting you copyright authorized use. To find the permalink for journal articles in either of these platforms, please follow the instructions below:




ProQuest Journal Articles

Step 1 - Once the article is found, click on the "Abstract/Details" tab:

          ProQuest abstract/details tab


Step 2 - Scroll down to "Document URL" and cut/paste the permalink into your Canvas module:

          ProQuest document URL


EBSCO Journal Articles

Step 1 - Once the article has been located, select "Permalink" icon from the "Tools" menu on the far lower right:

         Highlighting Permalink feature in EBSCO


Step 2 - A new option will open up with a green Permalink box that is copied/pasted for use in Canvas:

        Permalink box with URL

Video & Video Clips

Kanopy Streaming Films 

Linking to both the full length film and film clips is possible in Kanopy. For full length video access - 

Step 1 - Select your film, under the video screen select "Share"


Step 2 - Cut and Paste the "Share Link" for Canvas.


Your students will now be taken to the Kanopy site to view the film once it the permalink above has been added to your Canvas course/module.

If you prefer to embed code into your Canvas course/module for viewing within the platform, cut and copy the following code:


In Canvas you will follow the steps for embedded video, provided here:


Kanopy Video Clips require a Kanopy account using your HNU credentials. Once your account is set up, you can use the following link for instruction to begin creating your own video clips.

eBooks & eBook Chapters

ProQuest eBook Central hosts over 100,000 scholarly eBooks on a full range of academic topics readable on a browser or downloadable as PDF chapters. Linking eBooks from ProQuest eBook Central to Canvas is done by:

Step 1 - Once you've identified the eBook you want your students to review and clicking on "Share Link to Book"

          eBook sample from ProQuest eBook central

Step 2 - Cut and paste the link in the "Copy Link" box into your Canvas course/module:

          Share eBook URL in Proquest


eBook Collection by EBSCO, has the following linked instructions on adding entire eBooks and/or chapters of their content to your course. Much like articles in EBSCO databases, the "permalink" for the eBook you select will be used in Canvas:

Step 1 - Identify an eBook for your course:

          EBSCO eBook sample


Step 2 - Cut and paste the Permalink into your web link creation in Blackboard:

          EBSCO permallink URL


Wiley Online Library allows full downloading of their e-books as well as chapters from within. 

Step 1 - To download a full eBook, go to your selected eBook  

          Wiley eBook sample

Step 2 - Scroll beneath the general information about your eBook to find the Table of Contents. There you will have the choice to either "Download Full Book" in PDF format OR you may scroll down to find the chapter you need and download only that section clicking on "PDF" under that Chapter/Section title.

          Wiley eBook link to download PDFs

Steps in Canvas

Step 1 - To add an e-resource (journal articles, videos, e-books, etc.) to your Canvas course-site begin by selecting the Module within your course-site where you plan to insert the e-resource. Once you have identified your Module, select the plus icon on the far right:



Step 2 - Select "Add Item" and a drop down list will expand allowing you to select "External URL"


Step 3 - Paste your e-resources' permalink into the URL box, following by giving your link a name/text for the "Page Name" box. You also have the opportunity to place some basic formatting on the look of your link if you so desire. Once you are done, click on "ADD Item"

*Clicking on "Load in New Tab" allows for the e-resource to open in a new tab instead of allowing the e-resource to take over the Canvas page the student is on. 



  You are now done and have successfully added an electronic resource for your course and students to your Canvas course.