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Searching a specific database

This tutorial covers the advantages of searching through specific library databases individually instead of searching the library catalog.

This tutorial covers:

  • using subject search filters
  • selecting "Peer Reviewed" articles 
  • locating the full-text PDF to download articles onto your device 

We also cover what to do when the HNU Library does not have access to a PDF of the article you want. 

To watch Video Tutorials for specific library databases check out our YouTube Playlist

Launch a Search for Articles in a Specific Library Database


To search for articles in a specific library database, start by selecting the "Database" tab from the library homepage

Database tab on HNU Library homepage



Once you have selected the "Databases" tab, click on the dropdown menu...

Database dropdown menu

The dropdown menu will expand with the list of databases available through the HNU Library. 

Once you have selected the specific database you want to search, click on "Go" to launch the database.

List of databases from drop down



Before being directed to the database  you will be asked to login with your HNU credentials.

HNU Login Screen

  HNU Login  

username: firstname_lastname
password: ..................
*same as your password*
[usually your 7 digit student ID# + HNU!]


Searching for Articles in the Database


When the specific library database you selected from the "Databases" tab dropdown menu launches, you will be taken

to the database's homepage where you can begin by entering your search terms.



When viewing your search results List, consider utilizing the Search Filters to narrow the scope of your search.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I need immediate access to the full-text of the article? If so, select "Full-Text"
  • Do I need the most up-to-date information? If so, change your "Publication Date"
  • Do I need an article from an Academic Journal or a Newspaper? Select a specific "Source Type"
  • Does regional focus matter? If so, select a particular location from "Geography"

EBSCO database search filters

Accessing and Downloading Articles


When you have selected an article from your search results list, click on the link "PDF Full Text
Click the link for PDF full text

From the article page click on the link "PDF Full Text



Once you have opened the link to view the "PDF Full Text” click on the link to
"Download PDF” to download the article to your device.