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Adjusting to Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Taking care of your mental and physical health

Saying life is hard during a pandemic is an understatement. Life since the outbreak of COVID-19 has been a whirlwind of change and uncertainty. We are all feeling frustrated, sad, anxious, lonely, bored, and stressed. And it is perfectly normal to have these reactions. Here are a few tips and resources for managing stress.

1. Avoid information overload

  • Limit the amount of information you take in about COVID-19, whether that be from social media or the news
  • Ask yourself if you really need the information at this time or if you could do something more productive for your health

2. Take care of your body

  • Click here for nutritional recipes and information on living healthier (provided by the State of California)
  • Transition between classwork (or work) and downtime by going for a walk 
  • If you have to sit for long stretches of time, take regularly breaks to get up and move. There are apps to help remind you.
  • Go outside at least once a day to enjoy nature or even just breathe some fresh air
  • Avoid excessive alcohol and usage of other drugs

NOTE: If you feel like you are coping with stress by drinking or taking drugs, click here to locate contact information (phone and/or crisis line and website) for the substance use disorder programs in your county.

3. Socialize while keeping physical distance

  • Maintain supportive relationships with family and friends via text, phone call, video chat, or social media.
  • When planning to meet in person, follow the recommendations of your local public health department.
  • Contact a counselor from HNU's Counseling and Psychological Services for free and confidential counseling.
  • There are plenty of hotlines if you just need someone to talk to. This list is just a sampling of what is available in California.

4. Donate or volunteer for a good cause 


California State Government. "Resources for emotional support and well-being." July 6, 2020. Web. July 12, 2020. 

Take a break

  • Fashion Institute of Technology Gladys Marcus Library made a guide of Free Online Offerings for the Pause that includes virtual travel/tours, creative activities, museum collections and tours, ebooks/audiobooks/podcasts, performance art, games, fitness/wellness exercises, course/lectures/talks, links to quarantine art, and more!
  • Samuel Merritt University Libraries Shelter-in-Place Self Care tab has links for free entertainment, virtual museum tours and wellness resources
  • Gannon University Nash Library has a similar guide for Social Distancing that includes free music 
  • SJSU School of information's COVID-19 guide has a tab for Shelter-in-Place Recreation, which includes a relaxing music playlist and a bald eagle livecam, among other resources