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Things Fall Apart: Find Books


The library is filled with books, but how do you find what you're looking for and where to start? The library's online catalog, which is essentially a collection of what we own here at the Cushing Library, can tell you where to find what you're looking for. You have several options to search the catalog. If you want to browse the books we have on a subject, simply type it into the search box and then select "subject" from the drop down menu and run the search.

eBook Collection

Search for books on colonialism and Africa in our ebook collections. Read these books online, anytime, anywhere.

Searching the Catalog

Screenshot of Cushing library catalog

There are several ways to search.

  • Search by title - If you know the name of the book you're looking for, type the title into the search box and select "title" from the drop down menu.

  • Search by author - If you want to see the books we have available on an author, type in the author's last name first, followed by a comma and then the first name and select "author" from the drop down menu.

  • Search by subject - If you want to see the selection of titles we carry on a subject, type in the subject and select "subject" from the drop down menu.

  • Search by words or phrase - If you're not sure what you're looking for, you can do a simple word search and see what kind of results you get but this method usually yeilds many results.

Library of Congress Classification

A - General Works
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History (General)
D - World History
DT- Africa
E & F - American History
G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
H - Social Sciences
J - Political Science
K - Law
L - Education
M - Music
N -Fine Arts
P - Language and Literature
Q - Science
R - Medicine
S - Agriculture
T - Technology
U - Military Science
V - Naval Science
Z - Bibliographic, Library Science