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ISAC (Integrative Studies Across Cultures)

The Premodern World

The Premodern World is defined as the period between late Antiquity through the Renassaince, 400 B.C.E. through 1600 C.E., a period of global technological change that redefined our world prior to the rise of the industrial revolution and modern technology. You'll find links to relevant resources on this page for the ISAC 2 and 102 courses.

These are only a sampling of the resources you can find through the Holy Names library: you can search our reference collections for yourself (Credo, and Gale), find scholarly articles in Academic Search Premier or the ProQuest Research Library, and search for books, eBooks, and articles through HNU WorldCat. You can find out how to cite your references on our Citation Guide.

Image of the Qal'at al-Hambra in Spain courtesy Flickr user picture4it under a Creative Commons copyright.

Reference Databases

Online reference books are a great way to start your research project. You can get background information to develop your research topic.

Featured eBooks

Our complete book and eBook catalog can be searched via HNU WorldCat.

Article Databases

The following databases feature the most relevant scholarly content for the study of the premodern world.

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