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Open Access Journal Publishing Explained

Open Access publishing enables the free, immediate, and online availability of research and scholarly products. Open Access journals have been successfully producing and disseminating high-quality research for over a decade. The Directory of Open Access Journals currently lists over 11,000 vetted Open Access Journals.


There are different business models that support Open Access publishing:

Full Open Access
journals make all of their content immediately openly available at the time of publication.  These journals do not operate on a traditional subscription model but instead levy Article Processing Charges (APCs) to cover publication costs.*
Hybrid Open Access
journals are subscription-based journals which give authors the option to purchase immediate open access to their papers. Only those papers that have paid-Article Processing Charges (APCs) will be openly available at the time of publication. Therefore, hybrid journals are effectively paid twice for their Open Access content.**
Embargoed Open Access
journals are subscription-based journals that make their content openly available after a limited embargo period. In this model, new content is only available to subscribers, while older content is openly accessible. There are no Article Processing Charges (APCs) for embargoed content. 

*Note that not all Full Open Access journals impose Article Processing Charges (APCs).

**Article Processing Charges (APCs) for both Full Open Access and Hybrid Open Access range between $500 and $5,000.