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Request Materials From Other Libraries

Need something we don't have? We can get it for you from Libraries Worldwide & Camino!


How many requests can I make at one time?

We ask you to limit your requests to ten items per week. Last-minute requests for more than ten items per week can be discussed with a library staff member, email:

Will I always get the material I request?

Although we will make every attempt to fill your request, we cannot guarantee that we can find a lender to supply your item. 

Does the library ever buy the book instead of requesting it through interlibrary loan?

Yes. Sometimes it is faster and cheaper to buy the book and add it to our collection. Other times, buying a new or used copy is the only way we can supply an item. Depending on the situation, we may contact you by campus email for more information.

How do you let me know that my request has arrived?

We use campus email to notify you that the item is available for pickup or ready to be shipped to you.

How long will my items be held at the library?

All interlibrary loan material will stay on the holds shelf for 10 days. After that, it will be returned to the lending library. Patrons will be sent to two e-mail notices to their HNU address to pick up their materials. If you are unable to pick up the items in time, please let us know before they are sent back.

Can I use my personal email address to request items or respond to library correspondence?

Due to state privacy guidelines, we can only communicate with HNU users through campus (HNU) email addresses.

Where do I pick up the items?

Students may pick up items at the Access Services desk. Faculty and staff have the option of requesting office delivery--please indicate this on the request form when you place your request.

What if I can't pick up my interlibrary loan by its due date?

To stay on good terms with lending libraries, we must return books by their due date unless you give us sufficient time to request a renewal. Lending libraries are not required to honor requests for renewals, and frequently decline these requests.

Can a borrowed book be recalled early?

Yes. If the lending library recalls the book at any time during the loan period, we must comply immediately with the recall request.

Are there kinds of materials that are less likely to be fulfilled through interlibrary loan?

In some cases, it is simply not possible to locate a library that is willing or able to lend the book or article you have requested. This is especially true of recently published materials, out-of-print books, unusually-sized material, masters' theses, doctoral dissertations, CDs, DVDs, and materials published in languages other than English. Theses and dissertations, for example, are usually owned only by the sponsoring university, and many institutions will not lend these difficult-to-replace titles.

We will let you know if a request cannot be fulfilled, and we will work with you to acquire the resource or information through other means.

What happens if I lose or damage a book?

You, the borrower, are responsible for the book in your care. If you lose or damage it, you will be billed the replacement cost as determined by the lending library. Your interlibrary loan and Cushing Library borrowing privileges will be suspended until full restitution is made.

Can I use my ILL item as a course reserve?
Due to copyright law, you can not use Interlibrary loan items as a course reserve. Please contact us if you'd like to recommend a purchase or use the "Recommend a purchase" link from the Library's main page.

What happens if I am overdue in returning an interlibrary loan book?

If you are overdue in returning a book borrowed from another institution, you will be given two courtesy reminders by email or telephone. If you do not respond to the second reminder within 72 hours, your Cushing Library and interlibrary loan borrowing privileges will be suspended until the book is returned or full restitution is made. If you are unable to return a book during normal hours, please use our book drop near Hester!

Why is Cushing Library so strict about returning interlibrary loan books?

Interlibrary loan practices rely on mutual trust among libraries. Libraries like to lend to one another, but "bad lenders" gain a reputation for late and lost materials, and libraries stop loaning to them. Our own collection is very small and we rely on the generosity of libraries worldwide to support research needs. We want to be a model borrower so we have access to the millions of items available through interlibrary loan worldwide.

Who can I call with questions?

For specific questions about interlibrary loan policies or procedures not addressed here, or for questions about the status of a pending request, the possibility of renewing a loan; overdue, lost, or damaged items; or billing notices, please contact