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ISAC (Integrative Studies Across Cultures)


Welcome to the ISAC Research Guide.

The Integrative Studies Across Cultures (ISAC) program is a unique series of courses designed to present the human experience in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural way. The series of ISAC courses takes a look at human civilization through the lens of history, sociology, philosophy and religion.

Students in ISAC courses may also find useful resources on our research guides for politics and history, sociology, literature, religious studies and diversity studies.

Research Databases

These licensed resources contain primary sources, secondary sources, and peer-reviewed scholarly articles from fields across the ISAC curriculum.

You can find a complete list of all of Holy Names' licensed research databases on our database guide.

Reference Databases

Online reference books are a great way to start your research project. You can get background information to develop your research topic.

External Resources

There are many historical works in the public domain that can be used as primary sources for research. Use these external resources to find original historical works in full text.