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Research Tutorials

Library Tutorial on Accessing films in Kanopy

There are 2 ways to access films in Kanopy:

  1. Click on the link provided by your instructor for a film located in the Kanopy database 
  2. Access Kanopy through the library "Databases" list

Once you have logged into Kanopy with your HNU credentials, you can search or browse for films!

This tutorial demonstrates how to access films in the Kanopy Streaming database, including how to log into the database with your HNU credentials.


This tutorial covers:

  • accessing Kanopy via a hyperlink
  • accessing Kanopy via the library's website
  • browsing and searching for films in Kanopy

Access & Log into Kanopy via a link


Click on the link provided by your professor for the Kanopy film they have instructed you to watch

Kanopy link from Canvas course page


From the Kanopy website, click on the "Watch Now" button

Watch now from Kanopy



Click on the "Log In to HNU" button to sign in with your HNU credentials

Kanopy access through HNU


Enter your HNU credentials to gain off-campus access to Kanopy films

Off campus login page

Access & Log into Kanopy via the Library


To search for articles in a specific library database, start by selecting the "Database" tab from the library homepage


Once you have selected the "Databases" tab,click on the dropdown menu...

Database drop down menu

The dropdown menu will expand with the list of databases available through the HNU Library.

Once you have selected the specific database you want to search, click on "Go" to launch the database.

Before being directed to the database you will be asked to login with your HNU credentials

HNU Login Screen

  HNU Login  

username: firstname_lastname
password: ..................
*same as your password*
[usually your 7 digit student ID# + HNU!]


Search & Browse for Films in Kanopy

Search by Title:

If you want to see if Kanopy has a specific film, you can search by title

Kanopy search box


Browse by Subject:

If you want to explore the Kanopy collection, you can browse by subject area or film genre

Browse by subject list