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Research Tutorials

Video Tutorial on Finding "Peer Reviewed" Articles in the Catalog

View this video tutorial on searching for articles in the Holy Names University Library catalog for "Peer Reviewed" articles.

This tutorial covers:

  • using the "Peer Reviewed" search filter
  • locating the full-text PDF to download articles onto your device

We will also cover what to do when the HNU Library does not have access to a PDF of the article you want.

Search for Peer Reviewed Articles

What makes an article "Peer Reviewed"?


To access peer reviewed articles available through the HNU library, start by selecting the "Articles" tab to begin your search!

Article Tab from HNU Library Search Catalog


After beginning your search on the library homepage, you will be directed to a search results page

with a list of articles that match your search terms.

The next step to accessing articles is to use the filter options:

  • Select "Holy Names University" under the Library filter; 
  • Then "Full Text" under the Content filter;
  • Finally select "Peer Reviewed" under the Content filer

Check Peer Reviewed from Filter Options

Access Peer Reviewed Articles


To access an individual article click on the link to "View Full Text”

Click view full text button


Before being directed to the database where your article is located, you will be asked to login with your HNU credentials.

HNU Login Screen

  HNU Login  

username: firstname_lastname
password: ..................
*same as your password*
[usually your 7 digit student ID# + HNU!]




Once you have been directed to the database where the article is located, click on the link "PDF Full Text”.



Once you have opened the link to view the "PDF Full Text”,click on the link to "Download PDF” to download the article to your device.
Click PDF Full Text in EBSCO database