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Research Tutorials

What is my login information for off-campus access?

Login credentials for all library users (students, faculty, and staff) are tied to your HNU email. 

Username: *whatever comes before the @ sign in your email* (generally "first name_last name" for students, "last name" for faculty and staff)

**Passwords are case sensitive

Password for Students: *Your HNU email password* - usually your seven-digit student ID followed by HNU! (i.e., 1234567HNU!)

Password for Faculty and Staff: *Your usual HNU network password*

Note: You must have a valid HNU ID card and you must activate your or email account before you can log in off-campus. Off-campus access to library content is not available for alumni, community members, or students who are not currently registered. 

DIY Troubleshooting

If you're having difficulties logging in, try the following:

  • Open an Incognito Window or Private Window with your browser
  • Navigate to the library's website and select the resource you want to access
  • Manually type in your credentials to make sure the correct information is submitted - do not use your browser's autofill feature
    • If you are able to gain access to the desired resource, clear the cookies in your regular browser
    • If you are unable to gain access to the desired resource, contact the IT Help Desk at 510-436-1611 or via email at

Please remember, in order to gain off-campus access to resources: 

  • You must be a current, registered student or faculty/staff member with an active HNU email address BEFORE you can log-in from off-campus
  • Your browser must enable cookies (Internet Explorer’s “medium” security setting will allow access”)
  • Your computer’s security and/or firewall software may need to be turned off in order to allow you to log-in successfully
  • Networks in office/hospital/school settings may have a security or firewall that may prevent you from logging in successfully

​If you still cannot log-in after following these steps, please contact the IT Help Desk at 510-436-1611 or via email at