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Research Tutorials

How does Inter-Library Loan (ILL) work?

Interlibrary Loan

We strive to maintain collections that provide the information you need. In the event that you need a specific book or article that is not available within the library's collections, you can request it using our Interlibrary Loan Service. By placing a request using the form below, the Holy Names University librarians will obtain your book or article from another library on your behalf.


This video tutorial covers how to place an Inter-Library Loan request for a book, or article that is not available through the Holy Names University Library.

If you have found an article or book through an online search, or from the citation in a bibliography, be sure to collect all of the relevant information needed to place your request including:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publication Date
  • Journal Title (for articles)
  • Volume & Issue (for articles)

Request Form