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Cushing Library is now permanently closed. It was a pleasure serving you!

Learning about Racial Justice & Institutionalized Racism

A guide that brings together racial justice and institutionalized racism resources at Cushing Library and beyond.

Racial Justice Resources at HNU for Young Adults

Cushing Library has a number of books for young adults that focus on race and racial justice. Below is a selection of recommendations from library staff. 

There are a number of other resources that can help guide parents, caregivers, and guardians in finding appropriate books for young adults. Here are a few recommendations from library staff:

Print Books from Cushing Library

Accessing Print Books

As of fall 2022 the Cushing Library building is open to current students, faculty, and staff for individual study spaces and hold pick-ups.Please view our hours for more information.

The recommended books and DVDs featured here are accessible through our pick-up program. If you cannot find a resource you are looking for, we suggest checking your local library (see the Additional Resources page for directs links) or purchasing books for delivery/pickup from Oakland's Marcus Books, the oldest independent Black-owned bookstore in the Bay Area. 

Library staff is working in person and remotely. We are happy to help you find more resources online. Visit our main page to email, make an appointment, or chat.