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Proquest RefWorks

What is Write-N-Cite?

Write-N-Cite is a utility that allows users (who meet the compatibility requirements below) to access the functionality of RefWorks' Quick Cite through a plug-in available in Microsoft Word. Write-N-Cite creates an open line of communication between MS Word and your RefWorks account. This means that by installing the Write-N-Cite plug in for MS Word, you can generate in-text citations and a bibliography directly into your document without having to copy & paste from your RefWorks account. 

Inserting Citations Using Proquest RefWorks Plug-In for Google Docs

Microsoft Word Plug-In

To add RefWorks to your Microsoft Word application, click on the Insert tab and select Add-ins. Search for RefWorks and install the Add-in to your program. 

Microsoft Word RefWorks Add-on